Electrical Instrumentation Courses

Introduction to Electrical Instrumentation Courses

The demand for Instrumentation and control (IC) technicians is on the rise in Australia in areas of process control, oil and gas, mineral processing, food, and chemical processing.

PMV training equips students with the knowledge and practical exposure in instrumentation and process automation and control.

Our courses provide competencies in process and control to select, install, commission, fault find and maintain electrical and instrumentation equipment.

Reasons to choose PMV:

  • 01

    All our training is in line with current industry standards (AS/NZS and IEC), using the latest equipment and technologies.

  • 02

    Hands-on training is designed to provide experience and confidence to deal with simple and complex instrumentation and control system problems.

  • 03

    Practical instrumentation training on purpose-built instrumentation and control skid reflecting site-based instruments and controls system.

Electrical Instrumentation Courses

UEE50211 – Diploma of Electrical & Instrumentation

To enhance students’ professional development skills in industrial networking connecting

Course Available


UEE61511 – Advanced Diploma of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

To develop engineering specification and design brief for industrial electricians

Course Available

Perth & Adelaide

UEE51011 – Diploma of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

To enhance participant’s PLC + HMI, Instrumentation and industrial networking

Course Available

Perth & Adelaide

UEE40620 – Certificate IV in Electrotechnology – Systems Electrician

EEHA Pathway To undertake work on Electrical Equipment in Hazardous

Course Available

Perth, Karratha & Adelaide

UEE42211 – Certificate IV in Instrumentation and Control

To enhance the participants PLC and Process Instrumentation skills To

Course Available

Perth & Adelaide

UEE31211 Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control

To enhance the participants PLC, HMI and Process Instrumentation skills

Course Available

Perth & Adelaide

Perth Campus

Adelaide Campus

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