Hazardous Area Standard 60079.14:2017 Updates

Hazardous Area Standard 60079.14:2017 Updates

AS/NZS 60079.14: 2017 was published on 12 December 2017. These updates are to align the earlier publication with IEC 60079.14:2013. The key changes among the many are:

  1. The biggest change is basic structure of the document: Most of the requirements, though same, are spread over and the text re-organised in different places. The challenge now lies in knowing where AS/NZS 60079.14: 2017 varies from IEC 60079.14: 2013. We now need to own 2 sets of ‘identical’ standards when the design/installation is IEC not AS/NZS. It may not be an easy change for many of us.
  2. In situations where there is more than one safe circuit, the installations will now require cable glands and terminal boxes to be certified.
  3. Specific requirements for cells and batteries used in transportable, portable and personal equipment aligned with IEC 60079-11, have been added.
  4. The requirements for cable glands have been expanded and made more prescriptive based on the type of protection specified. The requirements for compound glands in Ex d equipment have changed and the flow chart has been removed. A test for cables can now be found in Annex E. (Note:- this test is for information only)
  5. Specific requirements of temperature monitoring, limiting temperature and a safety device for electric heating systems have been added.
  6. The limits and the variation in maximum power dissipation based on the ambient temperature and an alternative equation to calculate the maximum allowed surface temperature, have been added.

Enhance your Employability with Dual Trade UEE31211 Certificate III

PMV provides an opportunity to obtain “UEE31211 Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control” dual electrical and instrument trade, for licenced Electricians Australia wide.

Enhance your employability by linking your electrical trade an intensive training program to achieve a dual trade “Electrical and Instrumentation”. PMV offers local, industry based, hands on, flexible and customised training. PMV courses are tailored for industry by industry professionals working in a range of industries.

PMV courses are nationally recognised and current, incorporating the latest emerging technologies and complying with the latest AS/NZS standards.

The qualification provides competencies to select, install, setup, test, fault find, repair, maintain and commission electrical and instrumentation and control systems.

The course also covers recording of physical/chemical phenomena and related process control systems in facilities such as those found in the Australian oil and gas, industrial, manufacturing and mineral processing industries.

The cost of the training will be based on your business (With ABN and registered for GST for 3 years) size as shown below:


  • Micro Business (0-4 FTE)             $1875.00
  • Small Business (5-19 FTE)            $2550.00
  • Medium Business (20-199 FTE)  $3750.00
  • No ABN Full Courses Fees:           $5500.00

Classroom based and practical experience on a purpose built instrumentation skid and control system PLUS evidence from on-the-job instrumentation experience.


The course covers theory and practical application including:

  • Writing programmable logic controller (PLC) programs.
  • Hands-on practical exercises on the purpose built instrumentation skid and control system.
  • Selection and calibration of instruments.
  • Setting up of field instruments and loop testing from HMI and control systems.
  • Fault finding on instruments and process control system on the purpose built instrumentation skid.


The course is delivered through a combination of intensive face to face contact delivery + Evidence of instrumentation work completed and signed off from one or more job supervisors within last or next 2 years.

Already completed UEE40411 – Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation: Face-to-face: 6 days + break + 6 days

Not completed UEE40411: 6 days + break + 6 days + break + 6 days + break + 6 days, you will be entitled to get additional qual UEE40411

Participants must have completed UEE30811 Certificate III in Electro-technology Electrician or holding an unrestricted electrical licence.

Fill up the ‘Expression of Interest’ form here : https://www.pmv.net.au/UEE31211-certificate-III-in-instrumentation-and-control#form