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UEE62120 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology – Electrical – What to Expect from this Funded Course in South Australia 

UEE62120 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology – Electrical – What to Expect from this Funded Course in South Australia 

Jan 20, 2023


Upgrade your skill to the next level! 

Here is a chance to acquire the skills and knowledge required to become an electrical engineer. The field of electrical engineering is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, and it’s never been more exciting than now. Why not get started now? Connect with PMV to enrol on the course. When you enrol at PMV, you will have access to various government-funded courses and financing options.  The Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology – Electrical is funded in South Australia for eligible participants.  

This qualification covers competencies to design and validate/evaluate electrical equipment and process control systems. The qualification is ideal for students who want to be subject matter expert (SME) or Technical Authority (TA) providing 

  •  Technical advice to site EI crew on variety of site issues; and  
  • Guidance on preparation of technical specification and data sheet for correct selection or sales or electrical equipment.    

How course funding in South Australia works? 

The South Australian Government provides funding for over 700 Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications. 

Subsidised Training (ST)  is a list of courses, and skill sets that the South Australian government funds. All Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that offer training listed on the STL are eligible for this funding.  

At PMV, WorkReady South Australia Funding is available from the Government of South Australia in Adelaide and the SA Region for eligible participants only. The course cost is $10,000*.  

* To be eligible for subsidised training, students must meet existing eligibility criteria. 

What are the benefits of the Electrical Engineering course at PMV? 

A PMV Electrical Engineering Course provides you with hands-on experience in electrical instrumentation and control system installation in hazardous areas with industry-experienced, qualified Electrical and Instrumentation Professional Trainers/Engineers. With the help of the advanced diploma course, you will:  

– Stay ahead with skills in the latest electrical system and control system technologies  

– Get practical guidance from experts in the field  

– Grow your network with contacts in the industry  

– Improved career prospects and income  

Course Objective: 

  •  To develop engineering specifications and design briefs for electrical engineering projects.  
  •  To gain a more comprehensive understanding of processing plant architectures.  
  •  To write up plant control philosophy and project engineering specifications.  
  •  To design explosion-protected electrical systems and installations for gas/dust atmospheres, pressurisation, and coal mining environments.  
  •  To plan and manage large electrical projects, including contract variations, team effectiveness, and facilitating continuous improvement.  
  •  To solve problems in multiple complex paths and polyphase power circuits.  
  •  To solve electro-technology engineering problems with the help of material science and physics.  
  •  Expand your knowledge in electrical instrumentation and control system engineering technical authority project management and compliance with local regulations in hazardous areas.  

Other than the Advanced Diploma, two more courses are available for South Australian funding. This includes: 

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