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Renewable Energy Courses Offered by PMV 

Renewable Energy Courses Offered by PMV 

Feb 14, 2023


The renewable energy industry is booming all over the world. People use solar panels to convert energy from the sun into electricity and wind farms to generate clean power. Increasing green infrastructure and sustainable energy worldwide helps reduce environmental impacts and pollution. 

Investing in renewable energy will lead to a more sustainable and safe future. With government mandates and international efforts to green policies and processes, renewable energy jobs provide an opportunity to learn about some of the most exciting engineering technologies in the world.   

Renewable energy courses provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter this growing field. 

These learning pathways will introduce you to renewable energy’s technical, real-world applications. You’ll develop an understanding of the mechanical aspects of key components that make wind, solar, hydro, and other renewable energy sources possible.    

Take one step closer to a career in an industry that could change how Australia and the rest of the world operate. 

Check out mandated renewable energy courses today to start growing your career. 

This solar grid connect PV course is designed for electricians who already hold an electrician’s qualification and wish to further their skills by gaining a qualification to design and install grid-connected photovoltaic systems. This course provides a pathway for electricians to Clean Energy Council Grid Connected PV Design and Installation Accreditation. Participants will learn To design, install, configure, test and commission grid connected power supply systems. 

The Battery Storage for Grid-Connected PV Systems – Design & Install course is designed for electricians who already have an electrician’s qualification and want to qualify to design and install grid-connected PV battery storage systems. This competency-based training program teaches students to design, install, configure, test and commission battery storage grid-connected power supply systems, and provides a pathway for electricians to be accredited to Clean Energy Council for battery storage systems. 

Stand-Alone Power Systems (SPS) are mini powerhouses that combine solar, battery, and generator power into a common power supply. They are popular in remote areas where grid-connected power is unavailable, and customers rely 100% on SPS for all their power needs.  

In this training course, students will develop a strong understanding of Stand-Alone Power Systems and how to communicate that information to clients. This course prepares students to be highly engaged in their learning, often having to manage their processes to create solutions for clients.  

This course meets the training requirements for the Clean Energy Council’s Stand-alone Power Systems Design and Install Provisional Accreditation.  

Advantages of focusing on renewable energy resources 

There are clear benefits to using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels. For one, it’s much better for the environment – renewable energy sources typically release minimal (if any) greenhouse gases or other harmful pollutants that can damage people’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Additionally, renewable energy generally requires less machinery maintenance and is less likely to run out completely than fossil fuels. This also means that Australia can rely less on other countries for its energy supply. 

Role of PMV in providing renewable energy courses 

Project Management Vision provides a Renewable Energy course that opens more doors for students and professionals in Renewable Energy technology. The course is designed for electricians who already hold an electrician’s qualification but want to gain a certificate in developing and installing grid-connected photovoltaic systems. 

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