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Relevance of Practical Field Instrumentation Skills

Relevance of Practical Field Instrumentation Skills

Apr 12, 2021


It is critical to have skills of selecting, calibrating, and maintaining field instrumentation to the range of process variables used in the modern industrial environment. Despite widely recognised need for Electricians to have skills in instrumentation and control and electrical equipment in hazardous areas (EEHA), to progress their career in industry, such subjects have not made it into Australian Electrical Apprenticeship UEE31811 curriculum.

UEE31811 curriculum covers conventional electrical skills to wire and power a home, commercial and high-rise buildings safely. UEE31811 subjects includes selection, sizing, installation and testing of cable + circuit breaker + RCD + single and three phase motors, transformer, smart lights, HVAC etc.

UEE training offers a bandage solution to effectively deal with such a skill gap by upskilling the Electricians in UEE40420 – Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation. UEE40420 is the accepted qualification in industry for Electricians to work on industrial instrumentation installation. UEE40411 includes subjects widely used in the industry like solving problems in flow, density, level, pressure and temperature installation and system.

After obtaining UEE40420, a pathway opens for students to obtain UEE31211 Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control which can allow student to further specialise in hands-on instrumentation skills in demand. These skills can open door to work as a Plant Operator and Maintenance Technician in fields like artificial intelligence, mineral processing, fertilisers, oil and gas, transport, petrochemical, aviation, shipping, defence, IT, Telecom, and renewable energy.

PMV has funding available in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland for UEE40420 Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation for eligible participants.

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