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Electrical Workers in Australia – Emerging Trends and Career Options

Electrical Workers in Australia – Emerging Trends and Career Options

Mar 01, 2019


Technological innovation in artificial intelligence, remote monitoring of industrial and domestic devices, and lowering cost of PV + Battery Storage, are bringing about a new wave of change in the way we live and the need for new skills required in the electrical industry. All these advances in electro-mechanical systems require the electrical workers and technicians to keep pace with the evolving technology.

Modern plants are now equipped with systems and devices which are needed to measure and regulate variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, liquid level, velocity and density. Industrial Automation allows the technology to control and monitor a process plant using concepts such as feedback, cascade, feedforward and advanced process control.

There is a critical shortage of automation, instrumentation and control engineers, technicians and technologists around the world now due to the retirement, restructuring and rapid growth in new technologies and industries. The respected International Society of Automation (ISA) organization estimated that at least 15,000 new automation engineers are needed annually in the US alone, where a quick search on a recruitment website ,such as Jora, shows over 150 jobs for instrumentation technician and electrical workers being advertised at a given time.

The key for industrial electrical workers to stay gainfully employed, is to acquire skills and knowledge that will continue to be in demand during the operational phase of the plant.

At PMV, we have developed industry-focused programs, our nationally recognised qualifications comprise of 60% hands on training delivery and assessment and 40% theoretical knowledge, with a focus on the latest equipment and facilities so that students are likely to experience a similar environment to those in the leading industries in Australia and worldwide.

To meet the current and future demands of the oil and gas, mining, manufacturing and downstream processing industries, PMV offers fee for service courses ranging from Certificate III to Advanced Diploma.

The programs cover a large range of topics and are suited to anyone needing an intensive and practical look at all facets of industrial automation, instrumentation and process control. PMV offers short, professional development courses that are currently in demand in the industry and in the workplace:

  1. Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Area (EEHA) – IMDI Skill Set
  2. PLC Digital + Analog Programming and Fault-Finding Skill set
  3. Solar Grid Connect PV Design + Install