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PMV: Successful journey since 2005

PMV: Successful journey since 2005

Jan 27, 2022


A Registered Training Organisation (RTO), PMV, delivers specialised post-trade training in hazardous areas, electrical instrumentation, instrumentation and control, renewable energy, and high voltage.

PMV stands out as a niche post-trade electrical training institute throughout our journey.

One of the most professional and dynamic electrical training institutes in Australia, PMV is listed as one of the finest training providers and electrical training institutes in Australia. PMV trainers have 260 years of combined industry experience between them and are practising professionals. The organization was established as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in 2005.

Course participants gain in-depth industry knowledge and electrical courses from PMV trainers through their deep industry experience, tailored to the changing demands of the oil, gas, mineral processing, and renewable energy sectors in Australia and overseas. Team members specialize in electric, instrumentation, controls, hazardous areas engineering, consultancy, design, testing, commissioning, audit, and education for existing plants. It has been designed to provide hands-on experience with the latest equipment and installation trends, incorporating both theoretical and practical experiences.

In addition to our campuses in Perth, Adelaide, and Karratha, we also conduct training at client sites on request. Education and training programs under PMV include site-specific equipment and installation in Australia as well as worldwide.

PMV’s courses aim to give students the maximum exposure possible to on-site equipment and practices to maximize their growth and career opportunities.

The History of PMV

Having been in business since 2005, PMV holds expertise in training candidates in Hazardous Areas, Electrical Instrumentation and Instrumentation and Control. With the vision to grow, since 2008-09, PMV has expanded its training services to include renewable energy and high voltage training. The purpose-built EEHA and Instrumentation Control skids, developed by PMV has allowed students to become familiar with the latest industrial equipment used on the job site.

The PMV Team has represented:

  • E-OZ Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for EEHA and Instrumentation
  • The UEEA Training Council (Utilities, Engineering, Electrical and Automotive)
  • UEG Gas Control Systems Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
  • Union of Communication Electrical and Plumbing CEPU
  • IE Australia (Institute of Engineers Australia)
  • IICA (Institution of Instrumentation and Control)
  • LinkedIn forum for hazardous area installations

Our commitment to being responsive to the needs of local communities and industries we serve is based on being flexible and adaptable to changing stakeholder needs.

Achievements of PMV 

Vocational trainers with industry experience deliver and assess our electrical courses. With 15 years of Industrial Training Expertise and 20 technical training and certificate courses, we have successfully trained more than 7000 students.

Courses by PMV 

1) Instrumentation and Control Systems.

If you are seeking career growth to enter a field that uses PLC interfaces and HART field instruments, the course helps-

  • To enhance students’ knowledge of PLCs and electrical instruments
  • To allow entry into the oil and gas or mineral processing industries that use PLC interfaces with HART-compliant field instrumentation.

2) Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA)

Hazardous Areas Electrical qualification provides competencies to select, install, test, maintain and inspect electrical equipment in hazardous locations (EEHA) in gas and dust atmospheres, these courses prepare students for work in hazardous locations, such as in gas and dust atmospheres.

The course provides an opportunity-

  • To make an EX d Barrier Gland
  • To select, install, test, maintain and inspect Ex equipment
  • To read Ex rated equipment Name plate and Certificate of Conformity

3) Renewable Energy

As renewable energy sources are growing rapidly in Australia and worldwide, electricians with specialized skills in this field are in demand.

Our training focuses on PV Solar Grid-Connect Design and Install, Battery Storage and Stand-Alone Power Systems to address real-world renewable energy scenarios in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings.

PMV’s Renewable Energy courses provide a pathway for electricians to become accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

4) High Voltage

Professionals with experience and expertise have developed this High Voltage Switching Operations course. It has been designed to provide participants with the competence to safely operate high voltage switches. It offers students to learn-

  • Practical switching of competencies to a program.
  • Switching operations using an interactive network customised to your needs
  • Practice manual switching at PMV training centre, or at client’s facility.