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Upskill with PMV to Start a Career in Instrumentation and Control

Upskill with PMV to Start a Career in Instrumentation and Control

May 22, 2023


In Australia, there is a growing need for Instrumentation and Control (IC) technicians. You can work in the oil and gas industry on an oil rig, at manufacturing facilities, power plants, mineral and chemical processing, fertilizer plants and hospitals.    

With the growing popularity of a career in instrumentation and control, it is essential to combine your engineering knowledge or electrical trade skills with practical instrumentation and control skills.   

If you are considering progressing your career as a technician or engineer, and to stay ahead in handling the challenges and opportunities created by instrumentation and control automation industry, you must develop a broad range of competencies in this exciting and evolving field. Therefore, you must also have hands on skills to select, calibrate, fault find and test field instruments and control systems including programming and fault finding of vendor(s) supplied PLC, HMI, and industrial networking.  

Various instrumentation and control system courses offered by PMV can upskill and boost your career progression in this innovative area of skill shortage.    


An instrumentation technician can specify, select, install, modify, fault find and repair field instruments and in an existing control system based on their skills and competence.  

Some of the specific tasks undertaken by an instrumentation technician, follows:   

  1. Install electrical and instrumentation devices that manage operations within a building, such as a factory or processing facility.  
  1. To identify and fix problems, inspect, and test the machinery, instruments, and control systems.  
  1. Understand electrical, electronic, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic concepts and commission and maintain control systems and support plant operation.  
  1. For the control systems of a facility, create, enter, and validate programs on PLCs and HMI.  


PMV is one of Australia’s finest professional electrical training institutes in Australia with a team of industry-based professional trainers with years of industry experience and offers 20+ nationally recognised training programs and certificate courses. 

  • PMV focuses on students’ growth and career opportunities by giving them maximum exposure to equipment that reflects the on-site instruments and controls and practices.  
  • PMV programs provide students with the skills to effectively manage electrical and instrumentation, process automation, and control skids designed by PMV instrumentation engineers and fabricated by PMV instrumentation technicians with industry experience.   
  • PMV has aligned training with current industry standards (AS/NZS and IEC), using the latest equipment and technologies. 
  • PMV training offers comprehensive education and hands-on experience in process automation, control, and instrumentation and trains individuals with electrician skills. 

Hands-on training provides experience and confidence to deal with simple and complex instrumentation and control system problems.    


The following are the courses provided by PMV to train the students in Electrical Instrumentation careers.   

By completing these courses, the students will gain essential knowledge in using instrumentation drawings, specifications, standards, and manuals and learn how to solve problems in pressure, density/level, flow and temperature measurements instruments and systems – all of which are important in industries including oil and gas, mining and even pharmaceuticals.  

The market is huge, and many companies need help finding qualified workers with the right skill set and solid educational background. You can choose and undertake the above courses as a building block to start a career in instrumentation that is projected to offer a lucrative career for years.  

Contact us to find out more about which course is right for you, or to book in.