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Relevancy of Renewable energy courses in Perth

Relevancy of Renewable energy courses in Perth

Jul 07, 2021


Renewable energy includes solar, wind, and hydro energy. It provides resource diversity, improves energy security, and reduces reliance on fossil fuel. It currently account for 26% of the National Electricity Market mix and projected to overtake black coal as the leading energy source by 2023.

Renewable Energy has potential to cut off pollution through all sectors of Australian economy like transportation, agriculture, and industry. In terms of new generation capacity added each year, PV Solar is the leading worldwide energy technology, with wind energy coming in second. Our planet has enough raw materials for a solar panel or any other type of sustainable energy.

In Australia

  • Most of the population resides across coastline, which has good sun or wind energy available to harness.
  • Solar and wind energy already cost less than new coal and natural gas facilities.
  • The prices for energy storage by battery banks, have been falling.
  • The hazard associated with spilled radioactive material or solar panel mishaps are minor, in comparison to a coal mine fire and oil sector.
  • In remote without electricity network, Standalone Power System (SPS) using PV Solar with Battery Storage is an emerging market. It eliminates the need to extends transmission infrastructure.

PMV has been offering PV Solar Grid Connect with Battery Storage and Standalone Power System (SPS) courses in Perth which is an opportunity to acquire skills in the field of clean energy.

Solar Grid Connect PV Design + Install

PMV offers professional education in the design, installation, configuration, testing, and commissioning of grid-connected power supply systems. It is a route to Clean Energy Council Grid-Connected PV Design and Installation Accreditation for electricians.

The course under PMV includes:

  • UEENEEK125A Solve basic problems in photovoltaic energy apparatus
  • UEENEEK135A Design grid-connected power supply systems
  • UEENEEK148A Install, configure, and commission grid-connected power supply systems

The course for Solar Grid Connect PV Design + Install is designed for electricians who want to further their careers by acquiring a certificate to design and install grid-connected solar systems.

Battery Storage for Grid-Connected PV Systems (Design & Install)

PMV offers a route for electricians to get Clean Energy Council Accredited for battery storage systems for grid-connected PV system design and installation. It entails planning, installing, configuring, testing, and commissioning grid-connected battery storage power supply systems.

The Battery Storage for Grid-Connected PV Systems (Design & Install) course covers:

  • UEERE4001 Install, maintain, and fault and battery storage systems for grid-connected photovoltaic systems
  • UEERE5001 Design battery storage Battery storage for solar systems for grid-connected photovoltaic systems

For trained professional electricians, the Battery Storage for Grid-Connected PV Systems (Design & Install) course builds skills via both theory and hands-on practical instruction

Pre-requisites for the above courses: Any student holding an electrical engineering qualification, or a current unrestricted electrical license issued by an Australian state or territory OR refer to the CEC for units that need to be completed in lieu of a license. Workers in the Building and Construction Industry are eligible for a rebate from the Construction Training Funding, WA (BCI).

To know more about the renewable energy training Perth or book in, visit the Project management vision website or connect to the office.