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Recent Updates to AS/NZS Standards for Explosion Protection

Recent Updates to AS/NZS Standards for Explosion Protection

Apr 19, 2023


In late June 2022, the new editions of AS/NZS 60079, Standards for Explosive atmospheres were published, along with a new supplement to AS/NZS 60079.10.1. 

Part 10.1: Classification of areas – Explosive gas atmospheres 

This AS/NZS 60079.14:2022: Design selection, erection and initial inspection, revision of the HA design and installation standard is a readoption of IEC 60079-14:2013. The change goes a long way to addressing the usability issues with the 2017 version raised by many in industry.  

1.1 This Australian/New Zealand changes to the IEC text are no longer hidden at the back of the document in Appendix ZZ. The changes are shown in each clause near the text they modify.

1.2 New Level of Protection markings are explained (5.4.7): 

e → eb 
nA → ec 
d → db 
nC → dc 
nL → ic 

1.3 Pollution degrees are explained (5.9.1). 

1.4 Clarification that cable jointing is permitted (9.6.7). 

1.5 Clarification that junction boxes containing multiple IS circuits do not need to be certified (16.5.3). 

2. The new version of the gas classification standard AS/NZS IEC 60079.10.1:2022 adopts IEC 60079-10-1:2020 without any national variations. 

2.1 AS/NZS IEC 60079.10.1:2022 Sup 1:2022 Specific guidance for Australia and New Zealand, as well as the Annex ZA examples, are now located in a supplementary document. 

The intent of this move is to focus more attention on the normative requirements of the standard and discourage applying something incorrectly or improperly, of example classifications. 

PMV offers UEE61222 Advanced Diploma of Engineering – Explosion Protection. This post-trade and professional development gap training is aimed at those keen on learning and gaining hazardous area skills at the next level of complexity. 

This course is for anyone involved in the “supervision and compliance” side of hazardous area electrical work, i.e., HAC, design, equipment and installation specification, planning and managing projects, auditing or inspection of electrical equipment in hazardous areas (EEHA). 

The course creates a pathway to become a Technical Authority and Team Leader responsible for ensuring compliance of site EEHA to local regulations and latest AS/NZS standards. 

This course is useful for Electricians and Instrument Technicians in supervisory roles. We also train electrical engineers who perform inspections, plan and manage the electrical and EEHA projects as part of their role.  

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