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Working Safely with High Voltage (HV) in Australia

Working Safely with High Voltage (HV) in Australia

Sep 08, 2020


Australia’s electrical apprentice training system is geared towards domestic electrical installations. Domestic or light commercial installations usually have a high impedance causing low levels of fault current to flow.

In comparison, commercial/industry/mining industries have a much lower impedance to current flow and therefore there is a risk of much higher energy release in fault situations. Different hazards exist when working on, or with, high voltage installations, that domestically trained electricians would not recognise.

Why HV Training is Required

It is a legislative requirement in Australia for Electricians or Electrical Engineers to undergo specialised HV training and be competent, to:

  1. Develop HV switching plans which are safe to implement; and
  2. Recognise the risk associated with HV operation; and
  3. Take the actions to reduce the risk of HV operation to an acceptable level.

Why HV Refresher is Required

To maintain currency with the industry, it is recommended that you complete a HV training refresher every 2 – 3 years.

PMV provides a 5-day course in Plan & Perform High Voltage Switching Operations , as well as refresher training. In this course, participants will learn practical switching competencies, remote switching operations, and manual switching activities.

This course is aimed at candidates who will be performing the role of an authorised High Voltage Switching Operator

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