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Trends in Instrumentation and Control in the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry

Trends in Instrumentation and Control in the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry

May 03, 2023


Overall trends in instrumentation and control in the oil, gas and mining industry, suggest that instrumentation and control will become increasingly connected, data-driven, and automated in the future, enabling more efficient and optimised production while ensuring safety and sustainability. 

  1.  Digitalisation will enable predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, and automation, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. 
  2.  Asset Integrity Management (AIM) maintains the integrity of critical assets such as pipelines, tanks, and processing equipment.  AIM can be achieved through real-time monitoring, inspection, and predictive maintenance, reducing the risk of equipment failure and downtime. 
  3.  Autonomous operations (AO) using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), have gained popularity where remote and hazardous locations require minimal human intervention.  
  4.  Cybersecurity is becoming a crucial concern. Instrumentation and control systems must be secured against cyber threats to prevent potential damage or disruption to critical operations. 
  5.  The drive towards sustainability and energy efficiency has led to development low energy two wire sensors, control algorithms, and automation systems are to reduce energy consumption. 

To keep up with above technological advancements, PMV recommends you upgrade your skills as an instrument technician to:   

  1.  Operate and maintain modern instrumentation equipment effectively and enhance job performance and your chances of promotion or advancement within the company.  
  2.  Understand and implement safety protocols and procedures, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. 
  3.  Improve your troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities, thus enabling you to fix any issues, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. 
  4.  Develop a strong skillset for you can pursue higher-level positions or subject matter expert (SME) instrumentation and control, such as process control or automation technician or engineer. 

A great entry level course in Instrumentation is UEE40420 Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation.

This course attracts funding in WA and SA for eligible participants. Contact the office for more information.