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Renewable Energy Looking Forward

Renewable Energy Looking Forward

Mar 24, 2022


Despite the federal government’s inflexibility and political opposition to renewables, you cannot stop the momentum. Solar is now mainstream. It has caused a shake-up among regulators, generators, and policymakers. 

Solar homeowners are fundamentally and irreversibly transforming the energy market. There are financial and environmental benefits of rooftop PV and the increasing appeal of battery storage, along with ever-smarter monitoring systems. The use of smart meters to meter net feed-in tariffs (as distinct from gross) has become popular. The decision to install PV these days is a no brainer. According to the Clean Energy Regulator (CER): 

  1. Rooftop solar is small but mighty; it’s more than double that of large-scale capacity, and by the end of 2020, more than $4 billion worth of households’ and businesses’ capital had flowed into rooftop solar generation alone, that’s not even counting battery storage. 
  2. In 2021 380,000 rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) installations occurred in Australia, an increase from 370,226 in 2020. The bulk of the systems installed under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) remains in the 5-10kW bracket. 
  3. Rooftop solar systems sized up to 5MW equalled 13.8GW of renewable capacity was at the end of 2020 and is expected to realise an additional 20GW by 2025.  

Clean energy capacity graph

The opportunities for standalone distributed energy resources and microgrids that are not dependent on poles and wires for increased resilience during bushfires. 

Renewable energy courses by PMV 

PMV delivers the following Renewable energy courses in WA and SA:  

  1. Standalone Power System Design + Install

     2. Grid Connect PV Solar with Battery Storage Design + Install

     3. Grid Connect PV Solar Design + Install

The above Renewable energy post trader professional development courses are designed typically for licensed electricians. Electrical Engineers can undertake the design component of the above courses to meet some prerequisites.  

For more information about the courses, or to book in, contact PMV.