Operational Excellence

In an environment of skills shortage, industries and businesses face challenges meeting operational targets. One of the major challenges is to retain the work force which is critical to the operational success of the business. We, at PMV, understand these critical challenges and have demonstrated  methods and tools to address them with the ability to train and develop the work force with a view to retaining them in the business to assist in the pursuit of achieving operational success.

PMV can assist you in meeting this need though our well developed training tools and design – a Competency Development and Assurance System (CDAS) for all your on-site workforce.

What is CDAS?

CDAS is designed to assess the competence of your present workforce against their roles and future aspirations.

CDAS identifies the gaps in competency and skills of the work force. It can be used to develop pathways for the implementation of on-site competency development. CDAS takes the everyday activities of the workforce into consideration and will help identify what supplementary coursework and training and individual may require,both on and off site.

CDAS can be easily implemented for an existing operating plant or a Greenfield project. CDAS not only provides reliable controls but also  ensures that onsite personnel are motivated to achieve and maintain competence in their respective positions and to grow into their future roles.

Implementing CDAS helps identifying the workforce competency requirements in different phases of a project namely:

  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Startup
  • Operation
  • Shutdown