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Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas – Must Have Skills for Working in Hazardous Areas  

Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas – Must Have Skills for Working in Hazardous Areas  

Jan 19, 2023


Upgrade your skills with the right training!  

Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas: Electrical qualification is the perfect way for licensed electricians to upskill and stay ahead of the curve. With this qualification, you’ll develop the skills to safely select, install, commission, maintain and test explosion-protected equipment and systems. You’ll also understand how explosion protection techniques apply to coal mining, gas and dust environments. With this qualification, you’ll be able to take your career in exciting new directions! 

As part of this certification, the candidate must meet the ERAC requirements for an ‘electrician’s licence’, and the candidate must also have the ability to select, install, set up, test, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain stand-alone wind and solar power equipment.  

Hazardous Areas 

An area is classified as hazardous when an explosive atmosphere is present, or there’s a possibility it could be present, and special precautions are necessary for any (equipment) potential ignition sources present. 

Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Area (EEHA) 

Electrical equipment used in hazardous areas must go through a very specific and strict design, manufacturing, and testing process that adheres to the AS/NZS/IEC Standards. An independent testing and certification agency will type test the equipment and, if it passes, will issue a Certificate of Conformity. This certificate provides assurance to the end user that the equipment is safe to install and operate in hazardous areas. 

Course Scope 

An electrical qualification for hazardous areas provides competency to select, install, test, maintain and inspect electrical equipment in hazardous environments (EEHA) under gas and dust atmospheres. It includes ERAC requirements for an ‘Electrician’s licence’. 

Course Eligibility 

In order to take this post-trade training course, you must have an unrestricted electrical license from any Australian state or territory. Electrical engineers only need to meet the prerequisites for the inspection-related units. 

Course Objective

  •  Identifying Ex-rated equipment and its certificate of conformity. 
  •  Inspecting, testing, installing, maintaining, and repairing Ex equipment. 
  •  To create an Ex-d, Barrier Gland. 
  • A detailed inspection of an Ex-installation to obtain isolations. 

Job Opportunities 

Job roles relevant to this qualification include: 

  •  EEHA Technician 
  •  EEHA Inspector 
  •  Maintenance EI Technician 
  •  Site Reliability EI Engineer 
  •  Site Electrical Engineer 

Hazardous Area Electrical training provided by PMV in Australia 

Project Management Vision (PMV) has been a leading provider of Hazardous Areas consultancy services and training for the last 20 years. In our EEHA courses, participants learn how to select, install, maintain, and inspect electrical equipment in hazardous areas.  

For more information on our hazardous area training courses and services, please contact us at Project Management Vision (PMV).