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Can any Electrician install Solar PV System with Battery Storage?

Can any Electrician install Solar PV System with Battery Storage?

Jul 16, 2020


Australia has the highest uptake of solar globally, with more than 21% of homes with rooftop solar PV. As of 30th April 2020, more than 2.4 million rooftop solar power systems have been installed across Australia. Rechargeable solar batteries store the ‘excess’ electricity generated from a panel array, boosting energy capacity, and making power available for use at night-time or on cloudy days. Thus, adding batteries adds reliability but extends the payback period.  Recent design improvements and price drops in lithium-ion batteries have made solar storage more viable than ever before. It is generally possible to retrofit a battery-only inverter to complement an existing string or micro inverter PV solar system.

Can any Electrician install a Solar PV Solar with Battery Storage?

Solar systems produce high voltage DC electricity which, if handled improperly, can cause death via the serious risk of electrocution. Once inverters are connected, we are dealing with 240V/415V AC, this by law requires a licensed electrician and needs to be approved by the relevant electrical bodes before being switched on.

There are several detailed Australian Standards and legislative requirements that apply which require trained, licensed, and accredited solar power system installers. Failure to adhere to them could not only void your product warranties but also your insurance policies, rebates, incentives, and feed-in tariffs.

The selection, matching and configuration of the various components is also important and requires a sequence for commissioning that can damage your solar power system/inverter if not carried out in accordance with training and instructions from you panel/inverter manufacturers. Roof attachment is also critical and needs to be handled by approved contractors and to Australian Standards if roof warranties and leaks are to be avoided.

Required Qualifications/ training for Solar installation

Any electrician who installs a Grid-Connect PV Systems with Battery Storage must undergo rigorous and specialised training in design, install and battery storage. You must be competent in installing, maintaining and fault-finding battery storage systems.

In addition, installers must have competency in working at heights and occupational health and safety training to prevent injury to themselves or others when working on roofs and must use approved and regularly maintained fall protection equipment.

PMV offers a 4-day course in Battery Storage for Grid-Connect PV Systems. For more information, or to book in, please contact the office.