Government-Funded Courses in Western Australia

Government-Funded Courses in Western Australia

Aug 05, 2022


Government-funded courses in Western Australia  

What is Government Funding?  

The Australian Government provides high-skill training and skill development to Australians who sit at the forefront of government responsibility. The Australian work crew must remain upskilled and future-proof with certificates and diplomas across every industry area.

As an outcome, the Australian Government has ample funding options to incentivise and enable students to participate in subsidised training and courses. The Government covers not only a substantial portion of the course but also the training costs for selected  courses.

Type of Government Funding Available Australia  

The government funding schemes available are: 

  • Smart and Skilled (NSW)
  • Certificate 3 Guarantee (QLD)
  • Higher Level Skills (QLD)
  • Skilled Capital (ACT)
  • ACT Australian Apprenticeships (ACT)
  • Skilling South Australia (SA)
  • Jobs and Skills (WA)
  • User Choice (NT)
  • Australian Apprenticeships incentives program


Eligibility for Government Funding  

Government Funded courses in Perth are available to Australian citizens or permanent residents over 15 years old. You should be either an Australian Citizen, a Permanent resident that has a permanent visa or a New Zealand Passport holder living in Australia for over six months. Funding is mainly aimed at job seekers but is also available for employed, as evident by the programs available. In some cases, the entire course fees are covered, some are subsidised, and others only require an enrolment fee. 

It depends on the course, the qualification level and the provider. Requirements may differ from state to state, so it’s best to contact the relevant authorities to find out about the differences in SA Funding courses, Queensland funding courses etc.

Electrical training courses covered (Government Funded courses WA.)  

The Government of Australia is committed to training people to reach their full potential and make the most of the wide range of learning opportunities available. 

The Government-subsidised training and incentives in training are based on industry suggestions to provide the people with the required skills they need to have meaningful and sustainable employment of their choice. Government funding is initiated to minimise skills shortages, focus on training for jobs in demand in critical industries, and increase the workforce in Australia with formal qualifications after school. 

The Government has emphasised on upskilling the Australian workforce, resulting in a comprehensive framework of funding schemes and incentive opportunities. As a result, many upskilled participants are provided incentives by the Government to undertake training and/or find that their electrical training courses are heavily subsidised. Please complete our online government funding eligibility form to determine if you’re eligible. 


WA Funding Courses by PMV  

UEE40420 – Certificate IV In Electrical Instrumentation 

The WA Government has made funding available for its residence for the UEE40420 – Certificate IV in Electrical instrumentation. The Government has training programs that take priority, which will provide people of West Australia with the important skills required to look for a job. The funded program is issued through Jobs & Skills in Western Australia. 

Eligibility for funding 

  • S/he must be an Australian citizen or have a permanent home in Australia or a has of visa of subclass 309, 820, 826
  • S/he must be dependent of or holder of a subclass visa 457
  • Must Reside in Western Australia


This skill provides competencies to select, install, commission, fault find and maintain electrical and instrumentation equipment in buildings and premises and instrumentation systems and core instrumentation equipment for process and control with Project Management Vision


UEE42620 – Certificate IV in hazardous areas electrical 

The WA Government has made funding available for its residence for the UEE42620 – Certificate IV in Hazardous areas – Electrical. The Government has identified the training programs that take priority, which will equip West Australians with the necessary skills required to find jobs. This funded programme is administered through Jobs & Skills WA. 

Eligibility for funding 

  • Must be an Australian citizen or hold permanent residency in Australia or a holder of visa subclass 309, 820, 826
  • Dependent of or holder of a subclass visa 457
  • Must Reside in Western Australia
  • A current ‘Unrestricted Electricians’ licence

Hazardous Areas Electrical qualification/skill provides competencies to select, install, test, maintain and inspect electrical equipment in hazardous locations (EEHA) gas and dust atmospheres with Project Management Vision. It includes ERAC requirements for an ‘Electrician’s licence’. 

At PMV, we believe getting skills ready is essential to getting job-ready or boosting your skills for the future in Electrotechnology, but we want you to have the best possible chance of success. 

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