Industrial instrumentation personnel must have a deep understanding of pneumatics, electro-pneumatics, hydraulics, electricity, and electronics. A profound interest in the technical and procedural aspects of the occupation is mandatory. Those who pay attention to detail, have manual handiness and like to recognize and resolve problems, will be at advantage.

UEE31211 Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control Apprenticeships now available through PMV

Project Management Vision is now offering full fee-for-service apprenticeships to those interested in completing their UEE31211 Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control within their current workplace. An apprenticeship comprises of the following three entities:

  • The apprentice;
  • The employer and
  • The Registered Training Organisation.

Instrumentation apprenticeship at Project Management Vision includes both classroom teaching and signing off requisite practical experience at site. You’ll be exposed to a number of instruments that are regularly used in various industries: Oil & Gas Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Chemical industries, distillery, paint spraying, flourmills, and sugar refinery industries, etc.

This apprenticeship will take three to four years to complete and will require you to complete a nationally recognised qualification UEE31211 – Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control.

The cost of training for the Apprenticeship is negotiated between the apprentice, the employer and the Registered Training Organisation.

What will I learn during the course of apprenticeship at Project Management Vision (PMV)?

An instrumentation apprenticeship will make you learn how to select, install, troubleshoot, fix, and maintain systems and devices used to calculate and record physical/chemical data and related process control.

What kind of industries use Instruments?

Industries such as petroleum, mining, food processing, and engineering use instruments to control temperature, pressure, and flow in the processes.

What kind of instruments will I be working with?

You’ll get to work with process monitoring and control instruments, including gauges, field instruments, control loops, and PLC, HMI and workstations. These instruments may be pneumatic, automated, electrical, power-driven, and comprise of signal communication, telemetering and digital instruments in engineering applications.

How can I apply for Apprenticeship in Instrumentation at Project Management Vision?

To be eligible for apprenticeship at Project Management Vision:

  1. Applicants must be 18 years or older;
  2. You must have an employer who is willing to take you as an apprentice;
  3. Physically capable to perform trade and
  4. You must be registered as an apprentice with the Australian government.

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